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Grading System
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Grading System 

The performance of students shall be graded in accordance with the following systems: 

Numerical Grade

Percentage Equivalent

Descriptive Rating


95 - 100


1.1 - 1.5

90 - 94


1.6 - 2.0

85 - 89

Very Good

2.1 - 2.5

80 - 84


2.6 - 3.0

75 - 79













Unauthorized Withdrawal


Incomplete Grade 

A grade of incomplete is given to a student whose class standing is passing but fails to take the final examination or has not completed the requirements due to illness, lack of equipment for skill performance or other valid reasons. Satisfactory performance or completion of requirements removes the "Inc." grade and the final grade may be 3.0 or better. If the incomplete grade is not removed within one year, it will remain as is and the subject will be re-enrolled 

An incomplete grade must be removed within a period of one year only. If a candidate for graduation received an incomplete grade, he must settle the deficiency two weeks before the graduation day.  


Steps for Completion of Grade/s:

Student with incomplete grade must observe the following steps:

  1. Check with the Registrar if the subject has really an incomplete grade.
  2. If the rating is really incomplete, secure a completion form from the Registrar.
  3. Fill it up with the necessary data.
  4. Have it approved by the Registrar.
  5. Proceed to the instructor/professor for the grade. The concerned instructor must initial right after the grade.
  6. Have it signed by the Dean of the School.
  7. Pay to the Cashier the necessary fee.
  8. Present the official receipt to the Registrar.
  9. Have the accomplished completion form received by the Registrar.

A student will not be allowed to take the advance subject if he obtained an incomplete grade in the prerequisite subject.


Repetition of Subject/s 

No student shall be allowed to repeat a subject for more than three (3) times. A student who fails a subject for the third time shall be permanently disqualified for further registration in the College. 



The subject load and the sequence of subjects of students shall be in accordance with the approved curriculum for each program or course of study. No advance subjects will be taken without satisfactorily passing the prerequisites. Advance subjects without passing first the prerequisites shall not be given credits regardless of the grades obtained or will be considered null and void by the Registrar. 


Scholastic Delinquency 

Any student whose scholastic performance in class in any subject is below "Passing" shall be subject to the following rules: 

Warning. Any student who obtains a final grade of 5.0 at the end of the semester in 25 to 49% of the total number of academic units for which he is enrolled shall be warned by the Chairman of the section where he belongs to improve his work. He must be deloaded six (6) units of the regular load in the succeeding semester.

Probation. Any student who at the end of the semester obtains a final grade of 5.0 in 50% of 75% of the total number of academic units in which he is enrolled shall be placed on probation. He must be deloaded nine (9) units of the normal load in the succeeding semester.

Dismissal. Any student who at the end of the semester obtains final grades of 5.0 in at least 76% of the total number of academic units in which he is enrolled shall be dropped from the roll of the College.

Permanent Disqualification. Any student who at the end of the semester obtains a final grade below 3.0 in 100% of the academic units shall be banned from readmission to the College. 

Readmission of any student who has been either dismissed or disqualified shall be considered by the Dean concerned only after the favorable recommendation of the OSA Director. Cases of conflict between the action of the Dean and OSA Director shall be elevated to the President whose decision shall be final. 


Leave of Absence (LOA) 

Leave of absence must be sought with a written petition signed by the student concerned, his parent or legal guardian to the OSA Director stating the reason for which the leave is deserved and specifying the period of leave which must not exceed one academic year 

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